Hi. We are Para Bellum.

Para Bellum Wargames is the child of that inner discussion all gamers have, the one that starts with “if I made my own game…”  We develop and produce our games uniquely in the EU and the US only, allowing for an emphasis on quality  - from the art, lore, and sculpting through to the finished quality of each release. 

Para Bellum Wargames' first product - Conquest- is now in the market. Conquest is a miniatures tabletop fantasy game that offers players the opportunity to play with two game styles. 

  • The Last Argument of Kings which is mass fantasy battle, rank and flank style of big table play.

  • First Blood a fast paced skirmish style of game play

  • Both styles using the same miniatures, with free access to rule sets, army builders and our unique Living World. 

We are proud of what we have become, proud of what we’re making and proud of all we’re planning.  We are still that same ragtag group of gamers, who also happen to be artists, sculptors and writers. We love the community of gaming and we build each Conquest item with the community in mind. We still gather, argue and laugh around game tables, we still smile at the smell of paint and plastic. It is our passion that brings us together and drives us to innovate in the world of tabletop game play. We look forward to sharing that passion with you through our games.

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